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Welcome to Colonie, New York!

Business Starts Here

Since it was first established, the Town of Colonie has been at the crossroads of the Capital Region. Early settlers chose this location for its high-quality farmlands and today industry chooses us for our access to markets and quality workforce. Highways and Interstates travel the routes once covered by wooden plank roads that supported the American Revolution and continue to move goods and people throughout the Northeast. The Albany International Airport is the first municipal airport in the United States and today it puts major markets within reach before 9 a.m. Today, Colonie actively promotes, develops, encourages, and assists in the construction, expansion, and equipping of key businesses and industries which advance general prosperity and economic welfare in our community.


Colonie is consistently recognized for its high quality of life including award-winning schools, a commitment to the environment, and being a safe community.



Thousands of businesses, from Fortune 500s to microenterprises, have chosen the Town of Colonie as a place to do business. Find out how you can, too.



Minutes to major highways and interstates; hours to major markets by road or air; endless days of opportunities! See how we can connect you to the world.


Opportunity Starts Here

Industrial Development Agency (IDA) & Local Development Corporation (LDC)

The Colonie IDA and LDC have supported more than $450 million in project investments in the Town of Colonie, New York since 1990. Recent projects include:

The Ayco Company

$23.6 Million in Capital Investment
717 New Jobs Created
185 Jobs Retained

Afirm’s Sports Inc.

$10 Million in Capital Investment
51 New Jobs Created
4 Jobs Retained

Restaurant Depot

$8.5 Million in Capital Investment
42 New Jobs Created

Chris’ Coffee Service

$6.2 Million in Capital Investment
92 New Jobs Created

More Projects

Life Starts Here

The Town of Colonie is an excellent place to live, work and visit. We offer a vibrant community, motivated workforce and thriving economy that makes it an ideal place for residents and businesses alike.




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Recent Notices

June 2024 IDA/LDC Meeting

June 10, 2024

Public Operations Center

Committees at 5:30 p.m.

Full Board at 6:00 p.m.

July 2024 IDA/LDC Meeting

July 15, 2024

Public Operations Center

Committees at 5:30 p.m.

Full Board at 6:00 p.m.

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