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Business Development Opportunities

The Town of Colonie is a great place to start, expand, or relocate your business. With the help of the International Development Association and Local Development Corporation, existing and future businesses are provided with business planning and incentives for expansion opportunities. In addition, to provide your business with everything it needs to grow and thrive, you are connected with business and industry groups that have compatible alliances, resources, and new economic opportunities. In the Town of Colonie, not only does business start here, but it also grows and thrives here too.

Location, Location, Location

As the “Crossroads of the Capital District,” the Town of Colonie is at the apex of several well-traveled roads to provide the ideal location for new or expanding businesses. While good marketing plays an important role in the success of a business, a quality location with high visibility is equally important. In the town of Colonie, prime real estate on those main roads comes at an affordable price. With easy access to highways and interstates, you will have quick and direct routes for transportation of goods and shortened travel to and from any community partners you may have.

Building Your Business

The Town of Colonie provides the perfect environment for new or expanding businesses to prosper. With affordable site options strategically located on bustling roads and countless ways to market your business and grow your network, attracting new clients and soon-to-be loyal customers is easy. As your business grows and the need for more employees rises, there is a strong and diverse workforce with qualified candidates to work with you.

Funding Your Business

Funding your new or expanding business in the Town of Colonie is affordable and simple. Through the combined efforts of the Local Development Corporation (LDC), Industrial Development Agency (IDA), and the Planning and Economic Development Department (PEDD), the Town of Colonie is able to provide support for growing industries through the creation and retention of quality jobs and expansion of current commercial enterprises. These endeavors are supported through the use of the LDC Loan fund which encourages economic investment through direct and collaborative funding of projects that improve the economic well-being of the Town of Colonie.

Another option to assist with funding is the Empire State Development (ESD) lending program, which was created to “promote a vigorous and growing state economy, encourage business investment and job creation, and support diverse, prosperous local economies across New York State through the efficient use of programs and services to facilitate business development and growth.” The Empire State Development (ESD) offers a comprehensive set of loan programs and services for small businesses, which can be found on their website:

Taxes and Incentives

To support the economic growth and success of the town, the Town of Colonie’s Local Development Corporation (LDC) and Industrial Development Agency (IDA) offer businesses financial incentives in the form of tax-exempt and taxable bonds to cover the cost of construction, rehabilitation, and equipping for a wide range of commercial and industrial projects. In addition, projects accepted by the Agency are exempt from sales and mortgage recording taxes, and, for certain manufacturing projects, real property tax abatement may also be available.

Opportunity Starts Here

Industrial Development Agency (IDA) & Local Development Corporation (LDC)

The Colonie IDA and LDC have supported more than $450 million in project investments in the Town of Colonie, New York since 1990. Recent projects include:

The Ayco Company

$23.6 Million in Capital Investment
717 New Jobs Created
185 Jobs Retained

Afirm’s Sports Inc.

$10 Million in Capital Investment
51 New Jobs Created
4 Jobs Retained

Restaurant Depot

$8.5 Million in Capital Investment
42 New Jobs Created

Chris’ Coffee Service

$6.2 Million in Capital Investment
92 New Jobs Created

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