2023 Committees


The purpose of the audit committee shall be to (1) assure that the Agency’s Board fulfills its responsibilities for the Agency’s internal and external audit process, the financial reporting
process and the system of risk assessment and internal controls over financial reporting; and (2) provide an avenue of communication among staff, the independent auditors, and the Board.

Carm Basile, Chair
Alison Blessing
Thomas Despart, III
John Kearney, Alternate


Pursuant to the Town of Colonie Industrial Development Agency (the “Agency”) by-laws, the purpose of the finance committee is to oversee the Agency’s financial transactions and to
provide assistance to the Agency board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities relating to accounting, reporting and regulatory practices.

Carm Basile, Chair
Alison Blessing
Thomas Despart, III
John Kearney, Alternate


The purpose of the governance committee is to assist the Board by keeping the Board informed of current best practices in corporate governance; reviewing corporate governance trends for their applicability to the Agency; recommending updates to the Agency’s corporate governance principles and governance practices; advising those responsible for appointing members to the Board on the skills and experiences required of potential board members; examining ethical and conflict of interest issues; performing board self-evaluations; and recommending by-laws which include rules and procedures for conduct of board business.

Gary Rinaldi, Chair
Peter Gannon
David Yule
John Kearney, Alternate

Opportunity Starts Here

Industrial Development Agency (IDA) & Local Development Corporation (LDC)

The Colonie IDA and LDC have supported more than $450 million in project investments in the Town of Colonie, New York since 1990. Recent projects include:

The Ayco Company

$23.6 Million in Capital Investment
717 New Jobs Created
185 Jobs Retained

Afirm’s Sports Inc.

$10 Million in Capital Investment
51 New Jobs Created
4 Jobs Retained

Restaurant Depot

$8.5 Million in Capital Investment
42 New Jobs Created

Chris’ Coffee Service

$6.2 Million in Capital Investment
92 New Jobs Created

More Projects
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